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Today’s auto transport is met by a wide variety of carriers: Enclosed, open, rail, ocean carriers, and air cargo. Some carriers capable of moving large numbers of cars, trucks, suvs, and other vehicles, and some will hold only as few as one or two vehicles for a specialized buyer.  Cars are sometimes  moved as a result of buying from ebay motors, from craigslist, various auctions by dealers or public: coparts, manheim, insurance auto auctions, classic and collector car sales, internet auto sellers. Other times it is for Military personnel transferred within the USA and to foreign countries as well, or for the civilian market   with people  who are moving or relocating, or students going to school, or people going to their winter homes in the south in the winter. Regardless of the need ATS transportation has been helping those get the auto transport they wanted so that car shipping got their vehicles shipped their way time and again with good auto carriers.

Mission Statement
Auto Transportation domestically and internationally has become a very important service. People wanting to move and relocate usually have more than one car and to ship the extracars, autos and vehicles becomes an important and expensive issue. To drive cars has become increasingly more expensive, so the need to have your car, auto, or vehicle transported, moved, shipped has to be met as correctly as possible. Our position is to be The Best source of auto transport. We are a California Auto Shipping Company, but also have over 25 years experience in transportation in all areas and many states. Our goal is to meet the car shippers’ requests for service with the best car trucking companies that we can use so that the customer has his vehicles transported in a safe and timely fashion as close to door to door as can be done.

Company Profile
ATS, a California Car Shipping company, is one of the best known transportation brokers by the majority of transportation carriers which go between California and the rest of the states. Our history dates back to 1989, and we have worked diligently with the U.S. Military, Government agencies, civilian sectors, and individuals, and estates both in California and well as the rest of America, and the world. As we are a broker we maintain connections to over a 1,000 active car transport services with their own trucks to arrange the necessary services. Getting the right kind of carrier for the type of vehicle is frequently a requirement that we arrange when you want, and where you want.

We are the referred choice of many major moving and storage agencies, as well as organizations such as U.S.Homeland Security, F.A.A., international freight forwarders, contractors, Oracle, Granite Construction Co, Wells Fargo Financial Services, as well as the countless individuals faced with the necessary move and relocation to new places.

‘Customers have told us many times: “With so many companies out there offering services, yours did the most to take time and explain everything to us so we could understand the car shipping process and feel a little more confident and comfortable with having our car shipped.”

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